Welcome to Suiseki UK

The website indicates all the Suiseki stones for sale have been collected from within the British Isles. Both my wife and I are keen walkers and have spent many a year discovering the hidden treasures of the UK’s beautiful countryside whilst collecting potential Suiseki along the way.

All our Suiseki are supplied with their own hand made bespoke wooden box.

Before you browse the website any further, I would like to introduce myself. My name is Alan Harriman ...some of you may already know me through the world of Bonsai and my ‘China Mist’ Bonsai pots, in fact you may even own one or two!

Enjoy Suiseki for what they are, unusually shaped stones polished by the elements to conjure an image just for you. Started in China and then Japan around year 600 AD, Suiseki can be very deep, as with Bonsai. Some of you will embrace this font of knowledge totally, whilst others will skim the surface.

You can find further details and links on my contact page.